o Producers and distributors of fishing equipment
o Processing of fishery products
o Manufacturers and suppliers of seafood
o Manufacturers of machinery and ornamental fish farming industries and aquarium equipment
o Manufacturers of aquaculture and fisheries transport and fishery machinery
o Producers and suppliers of aquaculture equipment
o Export-oriented fishery producers
o Industry-related refrigeration facilities and equipment
o Aquaculture
o Fisheries and cage farming equipment
o Related offshore industries
o Reproduction and producers of baby fish
o Aquatic feed and food supplement manufacturers
o Manufacturers and suppliers of water purification equipment and devices for productivity and mechanization development
o Packaging industry
o Provide veterinary medicine and health services
o Algae and leech breeders
o Electronic market for buying and selling aquatic goods
o Offshore fishing industries
o Weighing system
o Providing and providing fishing equipment (recreational)
o Banks, credit institutions and insurance companies
o Related organizations, organizations and newspapers



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